The Ladies Potluck Competition

FICTION  |  By Lisa Duchesnay  »  “She’s not going to win this time! No way no how.“ Angie asserted, while her silent husband Gus swallowed his exasperation with his morning coffee. She meant Diane Swanson, the mayor’s wife who’d won the first prize for the last five years, with her beef stroganoff dish at the Potluck Competition.

This year first prize was an all expense paid, 10 day escape for two to Costa Rica, plus a mention and a photograph in The Standard, Elliot Lake’s weekly newspaper.

Since there wasn’t much activity during the summer months, the mid-July festivities were appreciated by the local community and its seasonal residents. Marc Swanson had created the The Mid-Summer Festival his first year as mayor, with the financial support of Retirement Living Inc. and the Chamber Of Commerce.  Elliot Lake, a 1950s uranium mining town, remote in the midst of many lakes, trails and wildlife parks in Northern Ontario was well suited for outdoor competitions and games. The evening ended with a street dance, a live band with a cash bar in the old downtown area.