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Pullinger wins G-G Fiction Prize
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Benedictus Scores 10 For Pooh!
Anne Murray Set For Book Tour
The Lost Symbol Sets Records
Poetry Is A Calling: John B Lee
John B. Lee Wins Poetry Contest
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‘Why Rosa Parks Is My Hero’
Rosa Parks Tribute Wins Poetry Contest
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Book Review: The Cure is a Forest
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5 Good Reasons To Use A Pen Name
The Active Approach to Writing
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Creating Characters for Screenplays
Five Ways to Find Story Ideas
Writing the Backstory
Short Philosophy on Characterization
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Novel Starting Problems? Here’s Help
‘Mapping’ Can Help You Write Faster
17 Publishing Myths Versus Reality
How I Self-Published My Book
Rejection Not The End For Your Book
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How to Write a Marketing Plan For Your Book
Writing an Effective News Article
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Pros & Cons of E-Books For Kids
Sex And The Story: Some Advice
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Creating Good Fictional Characters
How to End Your Story

Why Research is Key to Good Writing
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10 Features of an Interesting Book
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The Truth About Novel Writing
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Life Get In The Way Of Your Writing?
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Five Things An Author Can’t Avoid
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How To Get Published – Step Three
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How To Get Published – Step Two
How To Get Published – Step One
The How-To’s On Getting Published
Hey! My memoir is more tragic than yours!
How to ‘speak’ poetry
Secrets to reading poetry in public
Five freelance writing success tips
Before you send off that manuscript…
How to create an avalanche of book ideas
The hunt for writing inspiration
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The Art of Procrastination
What ‘writing for yourself’ really means
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The beating heart of fiction
Publishing and the New World Order
The Writer’s Inner Critic, Part II: Stop Awfulizing and Start Writing!
The Writer’s Inner Critic, Part I: Know Your Enemy

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