How to promote and market your book (without breaking the bank)

By Mary Schwaner Originally published on Simone’s Blog » Promotion is the part we writers are dragged into kicking and screaming. After all, we want to write, not spend our days promoting. But promoting is mandatory, whether you’re independently or traditionally published, so take a deep breath and make a plan.

It won’t cost you a cent to do some of the things which begin to get some name recognition for you. Sign up at This is a place where readers and authors mingle and talk about everything Kindle. When you sign on, spend a few minutes on your profile and then make a signature. There are several “discussion threads”  that will step you through how to add your book covers to your signature.

Once you’ve done that, visit some “threads” and start replying/commenting. Each time you do, your signature, proudly displaying your book covers, will fall before the eyes of avid readers.  Make sure that you link the book covers to the Amazon page where they can buy your book.